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Storm Performance is a family and behind every door is a story. This is no exception. Here’s ours.

Time and location shouldn’t stop your progress in its tracks. Our app-based online programming is individualised to your lifestyle and routine whilst getting the 121 support from our coaches. Getting a personalised plan enables for you to achieve your fitness goals. With our accredited coaches, nothing is left to chance because everything is measured, monitored and reviewed.

When you get in touch with Storm Performance you are guaranteed a quality-based programme, our team is on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning academic research and practice. Working alongside top researchers and practitioners enables us to deliver world-class, evidence-based, sports science and strength and conditioning.

Your journey will start with an in-depth conversation based around your current training and nutrition, then follow on to determine the main goals and events within your fitness journey, whether that’s a local competition or the Olympics. From there, our team will use all the current literature and best strength and conditioning practice to complete an in-depth needs analysis for your season and current personal performance. This will then be translated into an easy to follow app-based programme that you can access on the go and give real-time feedback, which is then reviewed weekly by our team. Alternatively, we have a number of standardised programmes, which aim to provide progress to anybody within Functional Fitness, Body Building and swimming with more to follow. These programmes receive the same love, attention and scientific rationale as our personal programmes, however, aren’t tailored specifically to you.

Our programmes are based on scientific rationale then expertly crafted to blend seamlessly into real-world practice. They are determined by training phase in relation to your specific goal, and as such will ensure that peak performance is achieved at precisely the right time. This means our team take into account variables, such as metabolic stimulus, training load, injury prevention and athlete burnout very seriously. At times volume may increase or decrease, this could be overall or within specific elements of the programme. This is to ensure that our athletes remain well balanced and healthy, to have the longest career possible as well as perform at their best! This entire process is ultimately to ensure that our athletes enjoy their training and perform at their best when the time comes. So sit back trust the programme and enjoy the ride.

About Josh Golding BSc

Josh Golding is the founder of Storm Performance, and this is what he had to say:

“We’re a sports performance company who offer a range of research-backed programmes to help you fulfil your athletic potential, and achieve personal goals.

Our team has backgrounds in Sports and Exercise Science, as well as years of experience with coaching and nutrition for a wide variety of sports and fitness. Including; Crossfit, Rugby, Rowing, Weightlifting, and Swimming. This enables us to bring the latest in evidence-based academic research to our programmes as well as real-world experience.

We aim to assist you in all your endeavours, whether you want to lose weight and get fitter, or focus on long term specific professional sporting goals. With that in mind, we offer a range of different services with something for everyone.”
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Josh Golding Storm Performance
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Former Elite
Athlete Functional Fitness

“Despite being injured for a year with a snapped ACL and MCL, Josh has been able to work around it. In that time he has helped me to lose weight, increase strength and improved my cardio. I felt like I was out for a very short time which meant mentally, emotionally and physically I was better off.”

Choose Your Plan

If our set general packages aren’t what you’re looking, here’s where you can mix and match to create the perfect combination for you.

PT Session

£ 60 Per Session
  • 1 x PT Sessions
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • 7 Days Support


£ 60 Per Month
  • Bespoke Meal Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • 7 Days Support


£ 60 Per Month
  • Online Programming
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • 7 Days Support

Why Science Based Fitness?

At the last Olympic games, the men’s podium of the 100m finals was determined by .01 of a second, the women by .071. These differences equate to 1 and 1.5% respectively, with such a small margin of error every last moment of training, nutrition and recovery needs to be on point for success to even be a possibility let alone a realism. Luckily, this is where sports science comes in. It’s a sport scientist’s role to understand how these margins of gains are going to be achieved. Training, fuel and recovery is the triad to making the desired adaptations and ensuring the individual hits their end goal. In order for this to be done efficiently, the athlete needs an easy to follow the well-structured programme. Here at StormPerformance, our team of sports scientists work with individuals at every level from the average gym-goer to the GB elite level, looking to improve fitness and aesthetics. We blend scientific theory and practical expertise to produce both training and nutritional programmes designed to give you an edge. We want to make sure you leave every session knowing that you’ve maximised your potential and time.

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